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Some of our customers have provided us with the trailer for their shows, where the images and videos of our site have been used.

Please note that the low image quality is due to the resumption of the show, while our productions are in HD and 2K

Saveria Cotroneo (choreographer)

Show “Coppelia” Teatro Massimo (BN) – june 2018 Centro studi danza srl - Benevento

For over 5 years we have been using photos with a video projector as background for our dance shows.

Now, thanks to the video-scenographies of the site for dance and theater, it was possible to stage the Coppelia show with the same moving scenes created by the “Victor Ullate Ballet”.

Surely 3D video-scenographies are a valid help to explain the story we are playing on stage and allow the viewer to appreciate more our choreography.

Claudia Flora (director - author - choreographer)

Show “Emigrants”Teatro Massimo (BN) - june 2017Associazione “Odette” di Molinara (BN)

The use of 3D video-scenographies for the setting up of the show “Emigrants” was a very useful help to bring the message we wanted to convey onto the stage.

We could never have made the pathos and the tragedy of what we were representing without a ship that really moved on the bottom or without a storm that seemed to literally come out of the screen and overwhelm the dancers on stage.

Deborah Graziano (choreographer)

Show “The Wizard of Oz”Teatro Partenio Avellino - june 2017A.S.D. “In punta di piedi” di Atripalda (AV)

Thanks to Fondali per danza e teatro, our essay has been a great success.

With the help of digital scenery it was very easy to prepare the choreographies without the fear of not being understood by the public, especially when it comes to stories not known by many !!!

Thanks to the staff for making our essay unique and original compared to everyone else.

Laura Pugliese (director - author - choreographer)

Show “Io… La racconto a modo mio”Teatro Capocroce - Frascati (RM) - 1 July 2018Associazione

I have for the first time used the video-scenographies of the Fondali per Danza e Teatro website and it has been an enrichment for my essay at the end of the academic year.

A very useful solution for the choreography because they leave the stage free from constructive and cumbersome scenographies, allowing the dancers to dance in larger spaces, especially in small theaters.

Thanks a lot

Gorgonio Valentina (choreographer)De Angelis Carmen (directress)

Show “Le Corseire”Teatro Massimo (BN) - june 2018Danzarte Ballet school - Benevento

The projected video scenes, replacing the backdrops designed used in the past, make the plot of the show brought to the stage more usable and understandable, giving the viewer the opportunity to appreciate our choreography and making it a part of history.

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