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In life, the steps are important:
A dance step, a step towards the future,
"Backdrops for dance and theater" ...a step to take

Michele Pietrovito

Art Director:

Pietrovito Michele, born in Benevento in 1963, started very young at the age of 14 to demonstrate creative talent.
In 1977, he was hired as a speaker in the private radios of the area and then created the mobile disco; buys sound system and lights and organizes, in clubs, parties and balls, making itself immediately known as disc-jockey.

At the beginning of the 80s, he performed in several discos, where he met a London singer and several musicians, realizing with them 3 discographic productions for disco.

But his real passion is cinema and theater.

He began his career as a sound engineer and lighting technician for several national theater and dance companies, making his first service for shows.

In the 90s, he worked with the greatest Italian artists of theater, dance and music, covering different roles, including stage manager, producer and assistant director.

After many years of experience in the world of entertainment, he felt the need to make multimedia dance even more, to create backdrops, video sets 3D, which would help to better narrate the musical that is staged.

Therefore he created the site www.fondaliperdanzaeteatro.it where, for each musical, you will find the complete package with static or moving images that will help you in the narration of the chosen story, thus creating original choreographies.

Choreography and images come together to create a “single stage”.

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